Monday, 4 April 2011

Our Beautiful Guest Writer - Jaycee

Jaycee is a beautiful and talented writer. She is the creator and resident writer at LIGHT-A-LAMP ( and a co-author of the book ‘In my dreams it was much simpler’.

She has been writing and making waves in Blogsville for a while now. I truly believe she is one to watch out for because something awesome is about to break forth from this young lady. The world will most definitely be in awe.

Jaycee is our guest writer this week and we at A Day In God's Will are glad and honoured to have her in our midst! Whoohoo!  She is here to tell us a bit about herself and encourage us along the way.

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to read her Jaycee's interview with us
and be encouraged by her moving piece
'Falling in Love with a Stranger'

Also, please do join us in our 52 BOOKS IN 52 WEEKS BOOK CHALLENGE.

This week (week 14) we are consuming a book co-written our Guest Writer Jaycee. 

The book is In My Dreams It Was Simpler” a collaboration of short stories written by Tolulope Popoola, Ayodele Alofe, Erere Abayowa and Tolulope Adegbite

So check your local libraries and bookshops, online through Amazon and join us for this week's book reading and review challenge.

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Be uplifted and Inspired
Much Love, Remi