Thursday, 11 August 2011

Taking United Kingdom Back --- BY FORCE!!!

Anyone who has been watching the news will agree that the United Kingdom has been taken over by the spirit of Anarchy, with the sole purpose of causing as much disruption and breakdown to  society . 
The vehicle and instrument of the spirit of anarchy’s warfare is the next generation; youths, of all races and various backgrounds and the channel it is using is greed and sheer disregard for their fellow men.
It was not a long time ago that the Church was an integral part of local community life, and the Word of God and its morals were a template for living in harmony and peace.  Communities educated and brought up children together. There was a sense of trust, peace, hope and faith; there was a sense of purpose, ambition and zeal for life. There was a time when the United Kingdom lived up to its name - it was UNITED and it was living and breathing as the KINGDOM of God

It is sad to see this happen in a country where not too many centuries ago, the Church (The Body of Christ) played a very important role in the everyday life of the society at large.  For instance, the Church courts regulated moral behaviour and settled disputes between neighbours, educated the local children and helped the poor and the needy.

So what happened to this beautiful nation of ours, a nation that up unto recently, so lovingly embraced the word of God?


Be encouraged, uplifted and Inspired. 

Much Love,