Monday, 9 February 2009

A Continous Flow

Its power is infinite
gives the ability to forgive and

the desire to nurture,
healing hurts, pains and much more

It blesses the heart
enriches the very soul
Stands the test of time
unchanged since the days of old

It is an invisible tangibility
to be desired and believed in
a life is incomplete
without the imprints of it

The effortless and continuous flow of its
intricate nature, will forever be evident
and tremendously relevant for all
to visualise, experience and cherish
the beauty within its very essence

1 Peter 4:8 reads “Above all things have intense and unfailing love for one another, for love covers a multitude of sins [forgives and disregards the offenses of others]”.

As the world’s proclaimed day of Love ‘valentines day’ approaches, most will get caught up in the furore of showing love and appreciation to that favorite person; husband, wife, friend, or family member. Most will try and squeeze the entire 'love quota' for that person into a few hours. It will be done with flowers, candy, chocolate, dinners for two, the saying will be around “darling, its just me and you”.

It is a nice warm gesture, but as 1Peter 4:8 above explains, love is a 'CONTINUOUS' action and motion.

The dictionary explains CONTINUOUS as: "Without break, cessation, or interruption; without intervening space or time; uninterrupted; unbroken; continual; unceasing; constant; continued; protracted; extended; such as a continuous current of electricity".

The dictionary also describes ACTION as thus: The state or process of acting or doing.

From that definition and the verse above, it is safe to say that our expressions of love towards one another should be never-ending like the circumference of a ring. Our love towards each other should be fluid, like water running down a stream. It should be a daily occurrence and not packaged and delivered just one day during of the year.

Yes, it good to show even more love on special occasions, such as birthdays and indeed Valentine’s Day, but we are meant to express love, continuously, regardless if we are single, in a courting relationship or married. There is always someone that we can do something to, for or with, expressing the nature of God's love.

So as Valentine’s Day approaches, I would like to encourage us all that to extend this same love beyond February 14, and to other people around us, who are not our husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends or wives. Extend to friends, families. To that single mother with three kids, that old woman or old gentleman who lives alone.

It could be a simple phone call to say hello, an email, a text message, a card or a letter. It could be helping that friend or neighbour with babysitting the kids once a month, while they takes an evening off. It could be picking up the neighbour on our way to work, and yes, dropping them off back at home, after all they leave nearby. It could be inviting someone for dinner, or saying 'hello' (for a change) to that cashier, who serves your morning coffee, at the local coffee shop, en-route to the office, or the security man that greets you with a smile, as you enter the office building.

Seamless and continuous acts of love do not have to be spectacular all the time. To a lonely soul, a simple smile, wave or hello goes so much further than we would ever know.

I wish you all a happy valentine's day and many more 'Seamless and Continuous love days' this year; showing, giving and embracing the intricate nature of God's love as you do so; making him famous along the way.

Much love
Remi Banjo
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Anonymous said...

But i want the dinner, chocolate, flowers etc...

Kings kid

Remi, United Kingdom said...

@ kings kid... lol... I will go carry a board with an advert saying so on my journey to and fro from work this week.. u never know :-)))) I too want dinner, chocolate...and wall climbing partner / mate.. lol.

adebanji said...

Great lessons to be learn here!

Kafo said...

i normally boycott V day but this year i will do this
make someone else feel loved

Debbie said...

Well said.
Valentine's day should be a day of sharing and caring for any and all.
The Dinner Chocolate and flowers will soon be a reality.

seye said...

Happy Valentines to you too Remi! I must think up something to do for vals day! any ideas FOR ME?

simeone said...

true talk

Anonymous said...

Remi, will you be my valentine please? I think I love you. My heart desires you.

Remi, United Kingdom said...

@adebanji - thank you... How is the painting coming along... You are going to have to do a painting of me soon :-) like a massive portrait :-))))

@Kafo... well done, that's the spirit

@ Debbie ... amen oh, i want, I want it all.. in the meantime, I will keep the flow of God's love fluid.. :-) x

@Seye ... For vals day... Hmmm lets see, as this year's valentine's day is on saturday, you can suprise the special lady with some flowers (delivered to her door) - even if you stay together, it is still an extra touch. To make it extra special, it will be paying more attention to detail and the things you do for her. For exammple you can cook breakfast for her, if you stay together, or arrive at her door with breakfast and flowers and chocolate :-) then go out for th afternoon... could be lunch or just sight seeing. if there is an event usually the places will be heaving... so somewhere a bit quiet like an art gallery or museum might be good.... I think that's about what I can think off for now! lol..
Anyone got any ideas?

@Simeone - thank you kind man...

@Anonymous - It would be nice to knwo who you are first though :-)))

Anonymous said...

I will let you know who I am soon, don't wanna blow my cover yet.

BigPrince said...

Nice write up, thought provoking, I agree we should strive to show love to everyone around us, even after this period, I will personally make concious efforts towards that.

Uzezi said...

love definitely continues. i like ur blog. inspiring

Paul Iseg said...

Yes yes, this is what i always say to my pple, show love, even if it in little ways we will be surprise how far these things go,it really should take much as for vals day if you ask me it was just extra love for my sweetheart cos she gets it all the time..:)....remi very very good really like the write up.