Sunday, 14 February 2010


Trust in the LORD forever,
for the LORD, the LORD,
is the Rock eternal
Isaiah 26:4

  • To trust means to rely upon or place confidence in someone or something

  • Rock is defined as a firm foundation or support

  • Eternal is defined as without beginning or end; lasting forever; always existing

With the above definitions it is safe to say that trusting God with our desires hopes and dreams, means we are sure that what He stands for and what He has promised, will be manifested in our lives.

To explain further, here is the opening verse in a combination of Bible translations: “Trust in the Lord forever, commit yourself to Him and lean on Him, Hope confidently in him. Depend on Him and keep at it because in the Lord God you have a sure thing” Makes it just that much clearer doesn't it?

To trust in God is a good thing, but it is one of the hardest things for a believer to do. Even though we believe that God is able and faithful, it is still a tremendous journey to get to the point of absolute dependency on and in God.

I did a bit of research and according to wikipedia and google, in the bible, TRUST is mentioned 147 times. It is mentioned 134 times in the old testament and 13 times a new testament.

This tells us that 'TRUST' is a very important aspect of our spiritual lives, but at most times our faith is weak in this area.

To trust in God means to exercise faith in who He is and in His proven abilities. It means to continuously depend on Him until the thing which He has challenged us to believe in, is manifested.

God can and will do tremendous things to and for us, if we simply place our trust in Him. We will experience more of Him, physically and spiritually by trusting Him.

I believe trusting is sometimes difficult because we don't see the result of that which we are hoping for, manifested straight away. When this happens, discouragement and doubt sets in.

We must remember that God does not always meet our needs or give us our desires when we want them or in the way we think or dream it to be delivered. The life of Joseph in the bible
(Genesis 37-50), gives a good example of this. During his lifetime, Joseph had various desperate needs, amongst them are: to be released from a Deep Pit, to be release from a Dark Prison, and even to be remembered and rescued whilst he was in prison. Yet, despite all the delay and naturally looking bleak future, He still trusted in God, doing what he was created to do, using His gifts and abilities still.

For some of us, our needs are not that great, yet despair has or is threatening to set in. Remember God has proven time and time again that He is able.

Sometimes God delays the manifestation of our prayers because He wants a greater purpose to be accomplished when He does. In the case of Joseph, the greater need was to meet the needs of the Joseph’s family and secure the future generation.

Proverbs 3: 5-10 tells us to trust God with all our heart. The very essence of our trusting in God will help us find God’s best for our lives.

To place our trust in God, we declaring that:
  • We rely on Him only, and not our own wisdom or understanding. We rely on Him to make our path straight. To guide us and make our lives easier. This does not mean we won’t have obstacles, rather it means that God will either remove them or enable us to overcome them.

  • We respect Him as our God. We respect His wisdom and authority. We fear Him as he is the only one who has authority over every area of our lives.

  • We are rejecting evil. God will not necessarily eliminate temptations or trials, but our trust in Him will help us free from evil.

  • Giving Him room to bless us. You see we think we have a problem of not being blessed. However, the problem is that most times in our dis-obedience and lack of trust in God, we are actually hindering God to bless us.

As you step into a new week by God's grace, I encourage you to be purposeful in your 'TRUSTING' in God. Trust Him with every fibre of your being. Trust Him with every area of your live. When you feel like you have established your trust in Him, trust HIM SOME MORE. Don't simply trust Him for the most simple things, the mundane things, but also trust Him with the ‘seemingly’ impossible things!/

Trust Him for that home you desire to have, but don’t have money for it. Trust Him for that new position you want, but don’t have the right connections or qualifications for it. Trust Him for that child you long to hold in your arms, but the medical reports are telling you otherwise. Trust Him for a year that you will experience the true manifestation of Ephesians 3:20.

Think about it for a moment: Our God is the same one who created the heavens and the earth, who parted the red sea, and made them like walls, on each sides, so that the children of Israel can walk through, who feed the 5,000 with two loaves of bread and 5 fishes, who healed the sick and opened the eyes of the blind and whose FAITHFULNESS has been tested through time.

This is the same God who can do more than anything you could ever conjure up, BUT the key is to ‘CHOOSE'... 'TO TRUST IN HIM COMPLETELY’

Have a great week of living out the realities of your trust in the only one who is able and faithful; and in so doing letting your faith make Him famous along your way.

Much love, Remi
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Jaycee said...

Trusting God comes with a relationship with Him.

If I don't know someone, it'll be difficult to trust them...a stranger. But those who know God...

Thanks for this Remi. This blog will continue to remain one of my favorites in refreshing my mind.

Ben said...

Its easy to just fall into a routine of a religious life and forget who really is to us.

It's really refreshing and reminded me even more about the God I serve and how much he holds me dear to His heart.
I shall continue to trust in the Lord. Thanks Rems

jhazmyn said...

Trust in the LORD forever....I just love that sentence....more so cos i can so relate with it.

With time God has brought me to a place where doubting Him is not even an option, so even when i have those moments when i feel overwhelmed, I still know to trust Him, and the process draws me even closer to Him.

This is one key we need to hold on to constantly

Jinta said...

i renew my trust in him

Anoda Phase said...

I love the way you completely broke this issue of trust down to the basics...thanks ma'am...

Kafo said...

what keeps mii from trusting
it isn't that i doubt that He can it is more a question of will He?
i know that He is God and doesn't change and can do all things but some people died still praying, trusting and believing

so for me right now
it is less of God i am trusting u to do A, B, C and it more of even if You don't do A, B, C u are still God and even tho' it hurts I am trusting that ur will is better than mine for my salvation

and seriously
this is hard
cuz it isn't quantifiable by earthly results
it isn't

Anonymous said...

"Blessed are all who have their trust in him." Psalm 2: 12.

I remember that being read at the burial of a widow - her resource naturally had failed, be she had one to trust in.

Remi, United Kingdom said...

@ Jaycee... yup. God willing He will keep guiding us. thank you dearie. How are you doing girl? Well done with all you do. I pray God continues to strengthen and empower you to do it all. Amen.:-)

@ Ben... Thank you, yes we shall continue to trust in the Lord... We have no other choice or option. He is faithful, dependable and constant. So we can indeed trust Him. Have a wonderful week - speak soon. x

@Jazmyn - God is good. Our relationship with God is a journey and a process, when we see how good and dependable He is, eventually, we will not think twice of trusting Him. I pray you are good girl. Have a fab week.

@ Jinta - Amen. and He will show you His mighty and favourable hand whilst you do.

@Anoda Phase - Thank you. I thank the Holy Spirit for His teachings and inspiration. Baba is good.

@ Kafo, my dear, it is not easy oh, but by God's grace and power we can do it. We can trust in our maker. He made us, so he knows what is good for us. He has seen our end, so we must forget about the consequences that we think will arise when we trust in Him. It is hard, but guess what - His Yoke of trust is easy and His burden is light... amen.

Have a fab week girl.. x

@ annonymous - Wow.. that is profound. Just had a flash of what might have been the woman's life, trusting in God, despite te fact that nothing else in the physical seemed to work... God will honor such trust. In her trusting... even as you recite this, she leaves a legacy that echos, even when the blessings tarry, permanently resolve to trust in God... hmmmm...I need to write something about this.

Have a great week ahead. x.