Sunday, 13 February 2011

Success God's Way

If you willingly obey me, the best
crops in the land will be yours. 
Isaiah 1:19 CEV

One of the greatest differences between the world’s message and God’s regarding success is this:  the world seeks a single formula to produce successful results for everyone, while God’s plans are far more creative, and personalized!

Reading about Moses in Exodus 1 & 2, from the onset, even before He was born, it looked like he was set to be a failure and have a doomed future because of the decree in the land passed by king Pharaoh at that time.  The decree was that every male child born to the Israelites should be killed by the midwives, whilst the female children were spared!  God however, had other ideas. He used the same decree to provide the means of the future of the deliverer of Israel.

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lioneagle said...

Hi -

This is an encouraging message.

Success is pleasing GOD.

We need such reminders indeed.

Thank you