Thursday, 15 May 2008

4 minutes to reflect...

Today, whilst running on the treadmill in the gym at 6:30am, trying to get a workout in before dashing off to work, (yes, I will write about my gym obsession later), I was watching the TV attached to the treadmill (the wonder of technology nowadays!). The video '4 minutes' featuring Madonna and Justin Timberlake came on. I'm pretty sure some of you must have heard that song? It sang about what a person would do if they had only 4 minutes left to live, to save the world, and to reflect on their life; was it worth while, was it lived accordingly to how it should have been? Did they do want they desperately wanted to do. Were they satisfied with the life they lived.

As I watched and listed to the song, thoughts started to gather within my mind - if I truly had only 4 minutes left on this earth, will I:

  • be confident enough to declare that, whilst here, I embraced, lived and became whom I was meant to be? Using the gifts, ability and skills instilled within me?
  • Say that I became great as God commanded and ordained me to be.
  • look around and say that I have lived the vision that God instilled within my heart, my mind and soul?
  • be leaving behind a worthwhile legacy that will impact generations in years to come?
  • be ecstatic that I am going back home empty, in anticipation of being filled with God's love and his glory
  • honestly say that I became great in every sense of the word, like King David, like Solomon, like Esther even?

I ran harder and faster as these thoughts ran through my mind, I wondered further, why does it seem that only a handful of people, truly embrace, run with and become whom they are meant to be? Why is it that only a few people, run their own God designed race, and not their mother's, father's or even nations race? Why is it that only a few people propel themselves, with all their might, to become that vision, that dream that God has placed in front of them. Why is it that only a few people achieve the reality of becoming GREAT as they are truly meant to be.

But more so, why does it seem to me that born again Christians don't seem to either know of or want to embrace the notion of greatness? Why is it that most are lukewarm, refusing to leave comfort zones; embrace the sayings of 'I leave it all in God's hands', 'I am praying about it' or hide behind the saying 'I God's time is the best'!!!?

I look around (myself included), and I don't see many born again Christians winning literacy prices. I don't see many born again Christians emerging as great musicians (imagine what that will do to the music scene, everyone will be bigging up Jesus!!). I look around and I don't see many born again Christians representing their country as top athletics - tennis, marathons runners, swimmers - the list is endless. I look around and I only see a handful... just a handful. I look around and I don't see many of us striving to become great, to be all that we can and SHOULD be. Don't get me wrong, there are some there, but dare I say, simply not enough.

As I ran, the beginning of a prayer formed on the tip of my lips, escaping from the realms of my heart. I prayed for everyone with a God given vision, dream and plan to recognise it, embrace it, run with it and become the great man and woman God has designed us to be.

We must remember that we are here for a reason, for a purpose, and only for a season.

If we were to die today, and we only had 4 minutes to reflect on our lives; the way we lived it, what we achieved, who we impacted, and compare it to what God's plan says about how we should have lived, what would be our reality? Would the two match, or would we have short- changed ourselves?

I encourage us all to embrace the spirit and notion of greatness and make it our daily reality. To work on what is on the inside of us: our God given visions, dreams hopes and much more. Lives and destinies are on hold simply because we have not accomplished what we are meant to.

Lets not be deterred by age, colour, fear, location or any other limitation that the devil might try to place upon us, for we have a God who is above all limitations.

Have an awesome day, raising up, embracing your God given vision, propelling yourself in motion, to become the best of you; not forgetting to make the almighty one - who has already paved the way to your greatness, famous along the way.

Much love

Remi Banjo

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Anonymous said...

Hum! Very nice 4mins is long but short time, thanks 4 the message
Anthony Abereoje

Anonymous said...

A true poet of her time and beyond. Living up to the father's expectation and blaizing the trail by God's special grace.

Please show her some love in the nxt 4


Anonymous said...

Lovely! Thanks Remi.

Moses Oluwole

Anonymous said...

Love the piece, keep on writing (and gyming) don't stop!


Anonymous said...

Hi dear, this is a lovely message that has blessed my life. I also need t o reflect on what i did do. Life is really short and we need to see life from this perspective each day. U have a lovely day and thanks once again. Eno

Remi, United Kingdom said...

@ Dayo, thanks.. yup, 4 mins is a mighty long time, but when faced with such questions.. we simply, most often than not, are faced with the reality of ourselves and run out of time!

@Zion.. thanks luv, yes oh father show Remi some luv.. in 4 minutes.. hope you getting ready for the fasting season...

@Moses, thanks...

@Jae, awe thanks luv, well I can't stop writing, what will I tell baba eh? I don't want him to raise stones on my behalf or dissapoint him in anyway, shape or form. And as per gyming, aiey ya, ya... cannot stop.. Health is wealth besides, I get to have a whole new wardrobe... :-))))

@Eno, thanks luv, I'm glad you were blessed by this post. I pray God keeps you focused and keeps directing you towards his will for your life daily. Have a wonderful week.