Tuesday, 31 August 2010


Blessed be the Lord, Who bears our
burdens and carries us day by day,
even the God Who is our salvation!
Selah [pause, and calmly think of that]!
Psalm 68:19

If God is all-knowing, all capable, all-powerful and all-faithful, why do I still have unmet needs? Can someone please explain to me why He has not met them? Has he forgotten about me, lost my address or the knowledge that I exist and struggle to live? I have heard myself and a lot of people ask this question time and time again, with hands thrown up in the air in great despair.

These are excellent questions worthy of close examination. The keys to their answers, lie in two words - Trust and faithfulness.

God tells us to trust Him as He demonstrates through [(the Lord’s) Prayer?]. Verse 10 – 11 of Mathew 6 explains the simple trust we must and should have in God. It reads “Set the world right; Do what's best— as above, so below. Keep us alive with three square meals” (MSB). Just like a child trusts his or her parents to do what is best for them each and every day, in anything that concerns them, so must we trust God.

Verse 33 explains the trust element further and it reads: “But seek (aim at and strive after) first of all His kingdom and His righteousness (His way of doing and being right), and then all these things taken together will be given you besides.”

This passage is encouraging us to seek everything about God’s kingdom wherever we are - at home, work or play, and everything else that we require will be added onto us.

Again, when you watch a child interact with his / her parents, all the child does is for their love (and attention?). When the child does something small yet momentous such as writing their own name, they are happy because their parents are excited. Then along comes the clapping, the shoulder-carrying, and the ice-cream as a reward.

I don’t know about you, but that devil (who I call a ‘billy-goat’) does his utmost best to cause anxiety to rise up within me, especially when I have been praying for a particular thing or situation to be turned around.

Whenever this happens, I refer to this verse. Why? It helps me to refocus and re-align my priorities. God is telling me here not to worry about the ‘other things’ in life, which I believe means clothes, food, situations and circumstances. Don’t get me wrong, I believe these things are important, and so does God. However, He is telling me to remain focused on Him and to do whatever He has asked me to do, wherever I might be or whatever I am going through, and He will make it all perfect in His own time and bless me beyond comprehension. He is saying the same thing to you.

I hear you say, “But, Remi, it’s not that easy.” I say back to you “I know, but then again like learning how to swim, it is all about ‘letting go’ so you can float and then paddle and then move freely in the water. It is all about ‘letting go’ and trusting God.”

We must let go in willingness and obedience.

Going back to verse 33, we must treat this (along with all His other words) as a promise and resounding commitment from God. I believe the value of any commitment is based on two things:

  • The ability of the promise maker to fulfil the promise made
  • The integrity of the promise maker, that is whether he has the character to follow through on the promise
Now we know from reading through the Bible, and from our experiences and those of others, that God qualifies on both accounts. He has all wisdom, power, ability, resources and faithfulness to fulfil His promises.

The question is,
“Do we trust Him enough to fulfil His promises, and are we faithful in doing and seeking His kingdom first in all that He has asked us to do?”

I have learnt that when I have unmet needs, the first place to look at is myself. I ask myself questions such as, “What could I be doing or not doing that is keeping God from fulfilling this or that particular promise?” “ Am I seeking His kingdom first in all I am doing, or looking for my own instant gratification?” “Am I in line with His agenda or do I want things cooked as quickly as I would a meal in a microwave?”

There is no situation or circumstance that can keep God from acting on our behalf. Nothing is too great or too powerful to stand in the way if God chooses to act. (except our own unbelief surely? Sorry I know this might be going off the point you’re trying to make, but I just thought to mention).

So I ask you today:


Are you busy DOING what He has asked you to do or are you focused squarely on the problems that are trying to consume you whole?

Are you walking and working in willingness and obedience, which is an important criterion for experiencing God’s blessings?  Deuteronomy 28: 1-2.

God assumes full responsibility for our needs when we trust and have faith in Him.

I encourage you today to trust in God’s wisdom. Cast down any preconceived ideas about how you think or know God should meet your needs. It will not come from any person, but God will use them.  God is calling us to trust Him alone. I encourage you to tell God today,

“Father, I trust You completely to meet my needs, in Your timing, and according to whatever method or way You choose.”

Much Love, Remi
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Tisha said...

i like

got blessed
didn't finish everything
but He is faithful
so i am at peace.

David C Brown said...

The Lord is too wise to give us what we want when we want because most of all He wishes us to learn Him.

"Blessed are all who have their trust in him", Psalm 2: 12

Kafo said...

this is a blessing
i hear everything you say

i guess the only thing that is missing for mii is the promise.

if God told me like Sarai that I would be a mother then all i have to do is wait

but if he never gave that promise