Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Essence of Love

Love's yearning
To have love in my possesion

would to show you I am capable of submission
Love, teach me the nature of renewed definitions
your embedded meanings and weigthy responsibilities
engross me in your mysteriousness
draw me into the very realms of your essence
for this is my hearts' utmost desire

Love's consideration
Reaching within the depths of me
Conjuring up
feelings of
Meekness, welcoming, wanting, and needing
Bringing forth trails of sunrays mixed with teardrops
Lighting up the pathway for love to find it's way,
quickly, home to me

Love's Reflection
Love within the walls of a sacred heart
creates musical melodies
to the makings of the soul
A heart in love,
is a heart that's whole

Love's Affirmation
The soul's yearning for love
makes itself known
through hunger and desire
that simply takes hold

Love... a Perspective
God is love
Love is God
Love is a beautiful smile
Displaying enchanting colours
of God’s Grace and favours
Love is Rich
Love is real
Love is fearless
within reach of our fingertips
Love is contagious
Sometimes ferocious

Love in all seasons
that is the beauty of
it's very meaning
the reality of
it's unspoken reasons
©Remi Banjo, revised February 2008
***pictures by photobucket***


Anonymous said...


happy val's day to u dear... for all the love u have

showered on all of us only God will repay u..u are indeed

a blessing and we love u very much. remain the best


Anonymous said...

Thanks and wishing u all the best as we celeberate love above all the love of Christ
Br ... Dayo

Anonymous said...

just read your classics on love, I must say your words are sublime, you never fail to deliver.
well done. Happy Valentines day

Sara said...

Nice post...and I LOVE that Shekinah glory song

Jaycee said...

A heart in love is a heart that's whole...

I totally understand. Doesn't mean u have to be in love with someone to be whole, but if u have God's love in ur heart then u're def whole.

Love, love, and love this! (As usual).

Remi, United Kingdom said...

@Emeka - awe thanks luv,I love you guys too.. I'm thankful to God for introducing me to you guys...x
@Dayo, bros I miss you oh.. better come back and not a flying visit abeg!
@Bolaji - thanks,we need to raise the freestyling bar up another level :-)
@Sara - thanks luv, oooh I looooove that song too.... the words... bliss
@Vanessa, Nessy,a heart in love, filled with God's love, is a heart that is whole. To be in love, even as we describe it, in the natural with that person, still needs to be within the realms of God's love. His love resides within the corners of our hearts first, and that special someone's love, is an extenstion, an addition, a gift...haven't seen u for ages o! xx
@Jaycee - spot on luv! A heart that is in love with God, is a heart that is whole...