Thursday, 14 February 2008

Melodies of Love

Melodies of love
mounted on the wings of a dove
Sung from the heart

filled with the elements of love

Flowers, chocolates,
hugs and kisses
dinner in view of warm fireplaces

A card tucked, hidden in a briefcase
to be discovered unexpectantly, by the intended
Whispers of I "love you's and desperately need you"
The furor of love has risen as expected
©Remi Banjo February 2008

Happy Valentines Day


Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine,
Wey my rose flower?

Anonymous said...

Same to u sis

Anonymous said...

Thanks R


Anonymous said...

Your last sentence states : A heart in love, is aheart that's whole hmmmmm now I don’t fully agree withthat. So if I am not in love with someone, does thatmean my heart is not in whole? Lol x

Anonymous said...

And you too dear. Happy valentine's day.

Florence Ngoma

Anonymous said...

Merci beaucoup for your msg Rems Bans. Happy valentine to you too & tks for putting Anthony Hamilton there as well.

Where is my poem???

Lots of love

Jaycee said...

"Dinner in view of warm fireplaces" (I love me some of that)...

"Whispers of I "love you's and desperately need you" Ouch, ur expressions are so loveably intense!!!!

Happy vals day dear...

Anonymous said...

hi Rems,
You are so so so so cool.

Remi, United Kingdom said...

@wale - flower is in the shop! where is my own eh?
@Nikki - hope you had one luv
@ING, hey I hope you had a good wonderful Val's and birthday!
@Jaycee... what can I say, I want me some of that too! lol...

rethots said...

i love your writings.