Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Display The Essence of Praise...

Has the Lord been good to you?
Then, sing of His praises

Whilst gathered in the assembly of the living
On a bus, train, work or at a station
Praise him in his mighty heaven, and
see what more he's got in store for you

On orchestrated waves, the seas,
they make known their praises
The trees, they rustle their leaves and
shower the Lord of Hosts with their praises

The birds, from dawn to dusk,
sing to him a beautiful melody
expressing their thankfulness through
continuous, yet daily song compositions

So... has the Lord been good to you?
Why not conjure up and display the essence of praise
Hands, feet, hips, voices, tongues and lips
Let them proclaim, and dance to the beauty
of the master's name!

Wherever, whenever, however,
simply portay the intricacies of praise;
whilst journeying through the assembly of the living
©Remi Banjo, revised July 2008
***Pictures by photobucket***


disgodkidd said...

your poetry inspires. i like this photo too.

Buttercup said...

God has been marvelous to me n im afraid i dnt give Him all the praise n worship He deserves....He really is merciful!