Thursday, 15 November 2007

His Covering

Isn't it amazing when you read some passages in the Bible, you realise, with more understanding, how good and wonderful our God really and truly is. !!!

How much He loves us, how much he does for us, and how much he covers us!

I was reading the good book the other day and in Psalms 23: 1, it reads:
The Lord is my shepherd; I have everything I need! Wonderful!!!Everything I need! okay I know this already, so why does it feel like a brand new revelation?!
Now for, for but a moment, pause and reflect on this:

He is our shepherd: that means we are under His protection right? I believe that to be 24hour protection! Wow! Now having had this insight, which feels like a new revelation, even though I somehow knew this already, my Imagination started to take another dimension!

Now, imagine that there is someone, holding a huge, massive, and beautiful umbrella in his hand, and this individual always has this umbrella over your heads; constantly, all day long, never letting you an inch out of under the shade of that umbrella!!!!
I mean from the moment you step out of bed, till the minute you climb back into that very bed at night, that individual has held that umbrella in his hand and has covered you with it... Constantly! Now isn't that amazing!
That's just a beautiful feeling to know that as God's children, He has covered us with the umbrella of His grace! He really has got the whole world in His hands hasn't He?

But wait… it gets better, I kept reading and in Psalms 27:1, it reads:
The Lord is my light and my salvation - so why should I be afraid. !!!!
And why should we be afraid of anything!!! Everything we need is in Him!

So not only are we covered by His grace, when we can't seem to find our way in our daily walk, He becomes our the light that lights our paths!!! Our God is an awesome God!
It's one thing to be covered by His grace, but it's another for us to seek His face daily and ask Him to reveal to us, what it really means to be covered by His Grace!

I believe the covering of His grace:
  • helps and guides us to walk in the right path, that He has chosen for each and every one of us

  • It protects us from harm that is very evident in the world around us

  • encourages us to keep in Him, that is to read His word, have conversations with Him and aspire to be more like Him.
Here is me encouraging us all, that as our "Today" unravels itself, we should not forget to go back to our source, our maker, the anointer of our heads and the lover of soul; and thank Him, I mean really thank Him, for His covering, His Grace and His love.

We should also learn to seek wisdom and understanding to fully Understand and appreciate the meaning and depth of what it means to be under the Lord's full covering.

Have a great day living out the realities of today, under the Umbrella of God's grace and His Love, whilst making Him famous along the way.

Much love
Remi Banjo

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Anonymous said...

Lovely piece...

Yes He surely has covered us till November, all the way from January! May His name be praised!