Saturday, 17 November 2007

What do you call your God

I was listening to CeCe Winans (Alabaster Box) this morning, and as she was calling out the names of what God means to her, it got me thinking.

Our God is truly awesome! We call upon Him in every single situation we can think of and He answers and is always there to save us! During our daily walk, we have and will call Him different names, such as Saviour, Provider, Peace giver or Healer!! But guess what? He has and continue to answer to each and every one of those names! Isn't that amazing?

I started to reflect on my life and realised that whilst going through and spending time in variouis trenches, hills and valleys and all sorts of vast wilderness, even lush gardens; I have called God so many different names! But the amazing thing is that He answered to each and every name I gave Him, and He became that name to me, during that time that I needed Him to be! He truly is the answer to each and every one of our prayers, if we only just call upon hinm!!!
To God be the glory!!!

This is part of the reasons why;
I will love Him Forever,
I will sing of His praises forever,
I will always declare that He is God.
The perfect one... the
"I AM"

The one who reigns forever!!!

It's safe to say that whatever season in life we are in, we should be rest assured that whatever we need God to be for us in that season, He will be, we just have to call upon Him.

So beautiful peopple, "what are the favorite names you call or have called God in those times of need, satisfaction or just reflecting and praising His name?"

Here is a list of names I have and Call my God. I await to read yours


HEALER Psalm 103:3
LOVE 1 John 4:16
LORD OF PEACE 2 Thessalonians 3:16
DELIVERER Psalm 70:5
RESTORER Psalm 23:3
RESTING PLACE Jeremiah 50:6
MY STRENGTH Psalm 43:2
FRIEND John 15:15
STRONG TOWER Proverbs 18:10
REDEEMER Isaiah 59:20

HOPE Psalm 71:5

MYSHIELD Psalm 144:2, Psalm 7:10
ETERNAL LIFE 1 John 4:10
HELPER Hebrews 13:6
ADVOCATE 1 John 2:1
REFUGE Isaiah 25:4
SHEPHARD Psalm 23:1

On that note, I leave you with the piece below...

Have a wonderful day, calling all the names of your God and living in the reality that He will be each and every thing you want and need Him to be. Not forgetting to make Him famous today, even more than yesterday.

Much Luv

To Know God
To know God is to...
experience perfect stillness
surrounded by deep rooted excitement and expectation
To know God is to
experience Love personified
Afterall, our names are written
on the palm, of His right hand!
To know God is
to realise that absolute completeness and peace
can only be found in Him
That in a gift in itself indeed

To know God, is simply tobe complete in Him

© Remi Banjo,
May 2007


Jaycee said...

That was beautiful...

I call God "Jehovah Jireh," because I remember that so many many many times, He's rescued me by providing those things I need...

I love calling God my "Strong Tower," I imagine Him as a Tall Strong Tower that i can run into for protection from all the nonsensities of life. When my life doesn't make sense, I still have God as my wall of protection all around, it gives my life a new meaning.

I call God, "the Uncreated Creator,"...I just love calling Him that, it puts Him in a category all by Can create, but cannot be created. Cool!

I call God so many exciting Names, and when I'm calling them out one by one it excites me too...

Thanks for this beautiful post...

Remi, London, United Kingdom said...

Hey Jaycee, thanks for the comment! I sure love "the Uncreated Creator" God all by Himself! In a class of His own.. somewhere far, far, far above the heavens!