Sunday, 2 December 2007

31 Days December 2007 Count down - Day 2

The heavens are opened, Father is listening, He is watching... Be earnest in your thanksgiving and praises l Remember in all things, we really do and should give thanks.

Today, I am thankful to the Lord for the presence of my 'BEST FRIEND', MY BABY, MY BOO! I am thankful to God for sending me the perfect gift that is him, and for his presence in my life. I am thankful for his friendship, his willingness to learn, his support, his courage, encouragement and his devotion to the Almighty God.

I am thankful to God for what He has done in his life, what He is doing and the beauty and reality of what is yet to come. I am thankful to God, that despite all his trails and tribulations, his faith in you has never wavered.
But most of all, I am thankful to God FOR BREAKING HIM!
Yup, as God did with the loaves of bread in John 6:1-4; I am thankful to God for breaking him into tiny little piece, and then, slowly, yet purposely, putting him back together again!! . To God be the glory.

To witness the transformation, is amazing, to see God's image being formed in him, is inspiring.

So, today dear Lord, at your feet, I place my box filled with thanksgiving for the best friend you have blessed my life with. I pray it is a sweet smelling fragrance in your presence.

Beautiful people, HERE IS YOUR INVITATION. What are you thankful to God for this 2nd day of December 2007?

Have a wonderful day presenting your thanks to the father, whilst making Him famous along the way.
Much Love
Remi Banjo
© November 2007

The Search
For love I searched
in the breeze and within
winds that set sails to my existence
I envisaged love,
entwined within the rhythm
of my daily life experience

I dreamt love to be
the drums that provides the rhythm
my heartbeat dances to,
orchestrating my everyday living

Yet, the arrive and reality his love
is almost greater than it's promise
The nature of his love,
far richer and greater
than anything, I could have conjured up

The gift and beauty of his love
is simply wrapped up in....
the God of love

©Remi Banjo, November 2007


Anonymous said...

Brilliant truth. Thank you and Thank God for you.

Omo "s" said...

I thank God for the gift he has given you..your poetry simply takes my breath away.especially as you never cease to give HIM the glory with it.

Anonymous said...

Today am thankful for my little nephew, he is the cutest boy alive. I thank God for bringing that bundle of joy into the family.

King's Kid

Anonymous said...

I am Thankful for the gift of GREAT HEALTH - Without good health there isn't much we can do, trust me I know. Ministry, Family, Education, Career, Hope, Friendships, Completing Projects, all amount to not much really even £££pounds in the bank couldn't buy you great health. I've been hospital free now for 25months. Wow... the story was different before now, for 14 years I owned shares in hospitals - 8months in and 4months out of hospital yearly.
That story has been re-written, I experienced divine healing then and now I walk in divine HEALTH.
x Danielle Obe

Anonymous said...

This is an awesome most, most especially the "breaking into tiny pieces"
It's not everyday one reads such heartfelt thanksgiving for that special someone in one's life!

I pray that he appreciates and continues to appreciate who you are! Thank you for blessing us with your precious gift...

keep making God famous...I'm pretty sure the rewards are on it's way xxx

Anonymous said...

Tears of joy, of emotion and of immense thankfulness are running down my face........I thank God for 2007....for the way he has propelled me to new levels I never dreamt possible...and guess what without any meaniful imput from me..infact inspite of who I am.

I thank God for the pruning process he is putting me through because I am begining to see the results God saw in me before the foundation of time.

I thank God for the new friendships that have evolved this year and the old ones that have waxed even stronger. I thank God for my wonderful treasures....people often feel that diamonds are the most precious stones...however, I can attest that Jade and Crystal are the most valueable you can ever find..Thank you Jesus for giving me such precious gems.

Anonymous said...

I am grateful for the kind of family I was born into, one that cares, supports and loves one another. One that holds no grudges. I am grateful for the family I've started. The good Lord has provided me with my life partner (hi hubby), my beautiful son, and loving in-laws. I am grateful for all the friends I have made in my life, everyone of them touched my life in one way or another. And for my real friends who pray and fast with me, encourage and humour me, discipline and forgive me (cause I'm not perfect), cook me delicious meals, I am grateful for you all.
Kemi blog novice

Anonymous said...

The minute you walked into my life, was the begining of the rest of my life! Sweetheart, I thank the good Lord for sending you my way. You're my friend, my love, my rib. I am your number 1 fan.

I pray that our Father will continue to strengthen you, to bless you, and continue His good work in you. For your tireless efforts, I know blessings are on the way.

Thank you for the poem.. I thank God for the precious, fragile gift of you.
All my luvxx... Babs

Anonymous said...

I am thankful for God's understanding and forgiveness esp I am a few days behind! I also thank him for that "I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me" attitude he has given me which is why I will reach day 9 today!

Sassy sis L