Wednesday, 26 December 2007

31 Days December 2007 Count Down - Day 26

Father Lord, be glorified in honoured in our praises, be glorified in our thanksgiving!

Today 26th of December 2007, I am thankful for my friends…! Wow... my friends... Oh daddy, where do I start? I have the 'bestest' friends on in the whole wide world!!!
Father I am truly thankful for the friends you have blessed my life with; old and small, near and far and those that are yet to bless my life with their presence!

I am thankful for my friends who have been with and weathered the storm with me! They have been the reality of Proverbs 18:24, which reads "A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother"

I am thankful for their devotion, their comfort, their commitment, and their never ending love. I am simply thankful for their friendship. The friends you have blessed me have and continue to embrace me in the reality of the first part of Proverbs 17:7 which reads "A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity"
Where do I start?

From the 'Sassy Sisters crew' to the "Famous 6" - remember snatches?, to my 'email buddy', to my god-daughter's mum, who chases me up and down the streets of London with phone calls, never given up when I can't find the time! To my honourable "HOD and His family" and to those I have met over the Internet -Jaycee, (whose writings made me remember that this ability is not about me, but about the king of glory - Imagine that!), to those I have met on numerous working contracts, and to those I have not mentioned - I definitely will be writing for months if I tried to mention each and every one of you, but you know who you are; I thank the good Lord daily, for each and every one of you and what you mean to me. Here is me saying thank God for you and for gracing my life with your presence, your imprints, your footprints.

Father, I am thankful for my friends because I have the wonderful problem of trying to fit them all into one hall, when the time comes! Oh dearie me! :-)

So, today daddy, I come to you with my boxes full of thanksgiving to you, for enriching my life with the essence of friendship. I thank you for they show love, are caring, are there to give me ear when I need it, they simply love me, just for being me. Lord, I am truly thankful.

Dear Lord, I pray my box overflowing with gratitude and thanksgiving for my friends, emits a sweet smelling fragrance in thy sight. Be glorified.

Beautiful people, what are you thankful to the Lord for this very day?

Have a wonderful day basking in the essence of friendship, whilst making the one who makes it all possible, even more famous than yesterday.

Much love
Remi Banjo

Like my skin I wear our friendship
Wrapped around me like a
surgical, magical blanket
your friendship heals my wounds,
chases away my fears
you never tell
to ease my tears

Like skin, I wear the gift of
your friendship with pride
With a joyous spirit, I will
nurture and cherish
©Remi Banjo, December 2007


Anonymous said...

Wow... yes babes, thank God for the gift of friendship. I dont know how i wld hv handled sm issues if not for the angels in form of friends God has placed in my life. And ofcourse, i thank God for the gift of you; it's an honour knowing you.
Father, i really do thank you so much for my friends, am so grateful Lord.

Your baby,

Anonymous said...

Today I am thankful for the celebration of the birth of Jesus. I am thankful for having both the ability to cook and eat all the food made (although one thinks one ate too much!)


Anonymous said...

Love you too pork chops. Yes I thank God for the wonderful friends he has put in my life.

Thank you Lord

King's kid