Tuesday, 1 December 2009

31 Days Thanksgiving & Praise - DAY 1

Oh, that men would praise [and confess to]
the Lord for His goodness and loving-kindness
and His wonderful works to the children of men!
Psalm 107:8

… and we have lift off!! The heavens are opened, Father is listening and we are ready in earnest to present to Him our thanksgiving and praise. We are ready to lay down, daily at his feet, our basket of thanksgiving and praise, making Him famous as we finish this year strong! You all ready?

Ah! Where do I start to thank you my Almighty Father, the one who was, who is and who is to come. The one and only king of kings and Lord of Lords. The I AM that I AM. The one who is the beginning and the end and the one who has kept me and everyone dear to me from January 01 till now. How do I begin to thank a God whose mercies and grace is beyond comprehension?

Today dear Lord, I say a big thank you for giving me another opportunity to roll off another 31 Days Thanksgiving and praise Woo hoo! It has been a very turbulent year, but I am still standing.

I thank you tat despite a year filled with lots of Everest to climb, Jordan to swim across, the valley to trail through and the desert to trudge through, I am still standing. I am still here and it is not by my might nor by my power, but by yours my wonderful Father. Your grace, your love, has kept me. Your gentle spirit has taught me along the way, to trust you without any doubt and things will be alright. And they did and are still turning out alright.

Papa, this year you taught me to live out the reality of Psalm 62:2, which says "He only is my Rock and my Salvation, my Defense and my Fortress, I shall not be greatly moved". Indeed you have been and continue to be this for me.

You also taught me the reality of Psalm 62:5, which says "My soul, wait only upon God and silently submit to Him; for my hope and expectation are from Him" Yes, you taught and are teaching me the humbling experience of what it means to really, and truly wait on you and have TOTAL expectation on and from you.

However, one of the greatest lessons you taught me this year resides in Psalm 62:8 which reads "Trust in, lean on, rely on, and have confidence in Him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts before Him. God is a refuge for us (a fortress and a high tower). Selah [pause, and calmly think of that]!".

You see I realise that I would always talk to you and tell you my problems or simply how I felt, but I never really totally POURED my heart out to you, but you taught me the difference and I love you papa for doing that. The result is TOTAL freedom. You see we always think we are free, until we truly experience freedom.

So Papa, today, the first day of our 31 Days thanksgiving and praise I say a a big 'THANK YOU'! THANK YOU for keeping me, teaching me, blessing me with your presence and wonderful knowledge. I say THANK YOU for preserving my life and those dear to me, from January 01 till now. Thank you for another opportunity to count down 31 days in Thanksgiving and praise to you. May we forever praise, give glory and honor to your holy name.

Lord, today, I place my basket of Thanksgiving and prise at your feet. Father Lord, my wonderful saviour, the best teacher there is, I pray that my offering of thanksgiving and praise is acceptable and sweet smelling in your sight. In the mighty name of Jesus I pray, thanks and praise.


Present your offering of thanksgiving at the Lord's feet, whilst making him famous as you go along your way.

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Much Love
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jhazmyn said...

I'm thankful for the ability to move past a "rut" and for the beautiful things i know still lie ahead for me.

I'm thankful for my DH, he's been a great blessing in my life and God has kept him safe thru constant travels.

I'm thankful for my parents who gave out the last of their six children in marriage this weekend...I know their days would not be lonely, but they would find a renewed friendship in each other not that they are alone.

I'm grateful for so much but mostly for the life that i live thru Christ...that's the root of all my gratitude

jhazmyn said...

Also thankful for the wonderful idea behind this post...and hope u dont mind if i borrow it too, what better way to end the year than to count our blessings, naming them one by one

Remi, United Kingdom said...

That’s wonderful… Yes God is a good God.

Yes, you can borrow the concept too… it is good to give thanks and praise to the Lord! Whoohoo…

I will link up with your blog too when you start... thank you for the encouraging thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Wow......seems just like yestersay we were writing our 2008 version of thanksgiving. Can't believe a year has gone ny so quick! just for that I am thankful....little did i know what 2009 had in store, but I knew with God by my side, i'd overcome it. It indeed has been a challenge, with lots og highs and lows...but to God be the glory, i'm still here, and still standing! Because he lives, I can face tommorrow.


Jaycee said...

Wow, Father...I'm truly thankful for this post that you've directed Remi to write. I just learned that to POUR out one's heart to God is actually different from merely talking to Him. Awesome lesson.

I thank God also for the entire year, for the ups and downs, and for what He's about to PERFECT in my life this December. :)

Jaycee said...

I'm also going to do this, but I think in a different way. On my sidebar I will have a link to your blog and state one thing I'm thankful for (this statement will change each day).


Gee said...


hey remi!!!

Myne Whitman said...

I thank God for this year for seeing me through all the months till now.

Anonymous said...

That through the times of fat and the times of lean during 2009 the Lord has been my Strong Tower and the Rock that is higher than I, so that even in the darkest times, my heart did not get overwhelmed. Amen. Rose.

Beulah! said...

Yes oo...God 2 much. I thank him tooo ooo

David C Brown said...

Father, we thank Thee we can plead
Thy mercy, answering our need!

ifeoluwa said...

I am thankful for spritual growth.
I am thankful, that you have been my rock through this year, thank you for keeping me. It is only by your Grace that i am still standing.

Thank you for ordering my steps.

Remi, United Kingdom said...

@ all - Beautiful people, awesome thanksgiving and praise you have for the wonderful Father, He is listening and reading and He is glorified, I am pretty sure He is smilling too ! :-)

Dear Lord, as your children lay their basket of thanksgiving and praise at your feet, I pray that it is sweet smelling and acceptable in your presence today oh Lord, Almihty Father inthe name of Jesus I pray.

Lord be glorified and be praised in the heartful thanksgiving and praise of your children in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.


I'm Thankful that God has shown me my weaknesses this year. This year has been a year of so many personal battles (within myself) but a rewarding year because God gave me the courage, knowledge, and strength to grow from these battles. I have grown so much. I am also thankful, that God has given me the ability to know when He is inviting me into His love and knowledge. I am thankful that I can recognize when I need Him now. I am also blessed and honored that God uses me. It hasn't always been easy, but it is worth it.